Terms & Conditions

    The purpose of these general conditions is to regulate the general conditions of the
    service offered by AMAE called Fast Pass. In case of discrepancy between the
    general conditions and the specific conditions of a particular service, the provisions of
    the latter shall prevail.
    These General Conditions regulate the contract for the Fast Pass service that AMAE,
    as the service owner, makes available to users who use the service. The use of Fast
    Pass is valid for Ezeiza International Airport and Aeroparque, as applicable, located
    in the Argentine Republic.
    “FastPass,” also known as “fast lane” or “priority access,” is the type of access where
    passengers who purchase this service will have preferential access over the general
    airport control lines for international flights at:
    ● Aerostation Use Fee Control
    ● Security Control
    ● Immigration Control
    ● Security control through the existing filters
    To access FastPass, passengers must present the required travel documentation for each
    control for each person and the corresponding reservation.
    ● In the case of flights not departing from the terminal where FastPass is located, the
    passenger will not have access to the service.
    ● Access is subject to service availability.
    ● AMAE may, without incurring liability and without any right to compensation to users,
    close the FastPass service due to operational needs, protocol, maintenance, or
    special situations that require it.
    By using this service, the user:
    ● Takes responsibility for the truthfulness and accuracy of the personal data provided
    and authorizes its collection and processing for this purpose. In this regard,
    subscribing to the FastPass service implies granting consent as provided in Articles 5
    and 11 of Law 25.326 in force in the Argentine Republic. Therefore, they expressly
    authorize AMAE, its assignees, and legal successors to process their personal data,
    allowing AMAE to carry out any operation or set of operations or technical
    procedures, automated or not, that enable the collection, storage, recording,
    organization, processing, selection, extraction, comparison, interconnection,
    dissociation, communication, transfer, transmission, or cancellation of such data, or
    to use them in any other form.
    Users’ data will be stored in AMAE’s database. According to current legislation, each person
    has the right to access their personal data for free at intervals of no less than six months,
    unless a legitimate interest is demonstrated to the «NATIONAL DIRECTORATE OF
    PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION,» the Control Body of Law 25.326, which has the authority
    to address complaints and claims regarding non-compliance with personal data protection
    regulations. If there is any change in their data, users are requested to notify us to keep
    them updated.
    Additionally, AMAE:
    ● Is not responsible for missed flights due to misuse of the priority access by
    ● Is not responsible for delays caused by immigration and/or security controls after the
    entry control we perform.
    ● Will make its best efforts to ensure that the Fast Pass service is not interrupted but
    cannot guarantee the absence of technological failures or the permanent availability
    of the Portal and the services contained therein, and, consequently, does not assume
    any responsibility for damages that may be caused by lack of availability and access
    failures due to disconnections, breakdowns, overloads, or network failures not
    attributable to AMAE.
    ● Does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that may alter the
    user’s computer system. AMAE excludes any liability for damages of any kind caused
    by such viruses or harmful elements.
    ● Is not responsible for the use or subscription made by a minor under 18 years old or
    for damages caused to third parties, including the minor, due to non-compliance with
    current legislation or these General Conditions of the service. It is recommended that
    parental control mechanisms be enabled on devices provided to minors under 18
    years old.
    ● The information provided is not necessarily exhaustive, complete, accurate, or
    up-to-date. In the case of bids and legal texts, the exact reproduction of the officially
    adopted text is not guaranteed. Only the texts published in the printed editions of the
    corresponding official bulletins or in the press are considered authentic.
    ● The information provided by AMAE is of a general nature and does not constitute
    professional or legal advice.
    All communications between AMAE and the user through their official communication
    channels will be valid: email, telephone, AMAE customer service center, and/or any
    other reliable means of notification.
    AMAE has its own legal personality separate from the State, full legal capacity to
    achieve its objectives, and its own assets.
    AMAE reserves the right to modify the conditions and notices applicable to these
    General Conditions without incurring any liability and without any right to
    compensation. AMAE may modify these conditions by notifying users, a requirement
    that the parties expressly agree is fulfilled by publishing the changes on the
    amaelounge.com website or through any other AMAE communication point. If the
    user disagrees, they may cancel their reservation according to the terms and
    conditions of this service through the confirmation email «manage my reservation.»
    AMAE contact information: Contact email: contact@amaelounge.com
    Acceptance of these General Conditions implies knowledge and agreement with the
    legal notices expressed herein. Additionally, any issues arising from their
    interpretation or compliance will be governed by the laws of the Argentine Republic
    and will be resolved by the National Commercial Courts located in the Federal
    Capital, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond.